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5 Ways to Improve Water Efficiency in Your Sunland Park, NM, Home

August 29, 2020

According to statistics provided by The Environmental Protection Agency, an average American family uses about four gallons of water daily. If you live in Sunland Park, NM, where there is a yearlong constant water supply, it’s imperative to find ways to improve water efficiency in your home. Here are a few pointers.

1. Learn to Repurpose Water

Repurposing water can go a long way in saving you money otherwise spent on water bills. One way to do this is by using the water previously for rinsing clothes to water the flower bed. Or using the water previously used to rinse vegetables to scrub the driveway or wash the car.

Speaking of washing the car, opt for driving to the car wash instead of manually cleaning it yourself. This is because the high-pressure water at the car wash tends to use less water than what you will use with a regular hose. In the long run, the money you think you are saving for car washing fees goes straight to water bills.

2. Avoid Letting Faucets Run

When brushing your teeth or rinsing vegetables, using running water does not seem like a massive waste, but it is. Try switching on the sink only when you need to brush your teeth. Also, if you notice that you have low water pressure, it probably means you have a leakage somewhere.

Every leak, no matter how insignificant, can cause you to lose up to 20 gallons of water per year. This means you need to call a plumber immediately to diagnose the source of your problem.

3. Upgrade the Dishwasher, Laundry Machine and Toilet

Seeing that a lot of water is used in the bathroom, starting to reduce usage from there goes a long way. One way you can do this is to replace your old toilets and shower equipment with new and improved water sense products that are energy and water-conserving. You can install a shower timer that will let you know how much water you’re using and alert you when you’re taking too long.

Additionally, you should replace your dishwasher with a much smaller one and a more efficient model. If you don’t have a dishwasher, try double sinks to fill each side with water and rinse the dishes as you go. This will save you a lot of water compared to cleaning with running water.

4. Reduce Irrigation

If you have a small garden, consider hand watering with a hosepipe instead of installing an outdoor irrigation system. Studies show you will end up using 33% less water this way. However, if you have a large garden and therefore need an irrigation system, you are in luck as the residential landscape has since advanced and become more water-efficient.

Ditch the old sprinkler heads which jet out water at random, and replace them with rotating sprinklers that are adaptive to the weather. Old versions tend to shoot water jets at a slower rate hence increasing the penetration and elimination drift. If possible, always harvest rainwater for use in the garden.

5. Collect Rainwater

Collecting rainwater gives you water to use on your landscape, hence the term “rainscaping” and can help reduce some of the erosion caused by the water flowing through your property. You can collect rainwater by connecting a 55-gallon drum directly to the downspout. Once it’s full, keep it covered so it doesn’t evaporate or become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

In the current day and age, all houses need smart equipment to ensure the cost of house maintenance is as affordable as possible. Seeing that water is usually one of the most recurring bills, taking water efficiency measures can go a long way. If you need a professional opinion on the condition of your water heater or need someone to do appliance installation, call the trained staff at Scott Heating and Plumbing today. We’re here to provide you with quality plumbing services.

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