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Living in a bustling city like El Paso means that plumbing repair is common. A clogged drain, burst pipe, or overflowing toilet can bring your business to a screeching halt. When you need a fast repair or replacement, we’re available 24 hours a day to serve you. We’ll get the job done, whether you need a new water heater or a quick repair for a broken faucet. To ensure we’re always ready to help you, we carry an extensive collection of plumbing products, parts, and equipment. Our certified plumbers are skilled in all aspects of commercial plumbing repair. That’s the kind of know-how you want when the reputation of your business is on the line. 

Common Plumbing Repair Issues 

Plumbing issues that require repairs happen more often than you may think. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or in the office. A professional repair is the only option depending on the severity of the damage. DIY fixes can only go so far and may not even address the root cause of the problem. Luckily, our team is ready to help you 24/7 when accidents strike and things start flooding. 

Some of the top plumbing repair services we perform include: 

  • Dripping faucets
  • Leaky pipes 
  • Running toilets
  • Low water pressure 
  • Leaking hose bibb
  • Clogged or slow drains 
  • Sump pump failure 
  • Water heater issues 
  • And much more! 

Most plumbing issues come from wear and tear, age, or poor installation from the start. Things like water pressure and what goes down your drains all have significant impacts on your plumbing. 

Choosing Our Team For Your Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing issues can lead to disaster if they’re not addressed and taken care of properly. What might be a simple clogged drain could lead to problems with your pipes and proper flow throughout your entire home. No one wants to let things get out of hand and turn disastrous. 

Our team of plumbing specialists can diagnose and repair plumbing issues so that you fix the problem at the root and do not need repair after repair. We also help all of our residential and commercial clients, so no matter who or where you are, we’re ready to help! You can always avoid most disasters by setting up seasonal maintenance with us to ensure you’re flowing in the right direction all year long.

Scott Does More Than HVAC — Call Us Today For All Your Plumbing Needs!

Give us a call so we can take care of everything from your plumbing to your HVAC unit. Our technicians and professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you in the worst of times and turn them into consistent bests! No more overheating, overflowing, or freezing with our 24/7 emergency services. 

Contact Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to learn more about how we can solve your residential or commercial HVAC and plumbing problems!

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