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5 Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring an HVAC Contractor in San Elizario, TX

September 14, 2021

Central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps have complex systems that work collectively to pioneer the proper heating and conditioning of homes. These systems need quality care to remain in shape; for that reason, you need to ask the right questions when hiring an HVAC contractor in San Elizario, TX. Read on to learn the following five questions you should ask an HVAC company.

1. Are You Licensed and Accredited?

Licensing and accreditations are legal requirements for any HVAC contractor to offer HVAC installation and maintenance services. Licensing and accreditation prove an HVAC contractor as a specialist with the required expertise and knowledge. An HVAC contractor has to take and pass certain coursework or engage in continuing training to get accredited.

Before immersing into the HVAC maintenance and installation industry, every HVAC contractor should get accustomed to the industry rules and laws. That’s why having accreditation and licensing are mandatory requirements for a contractor to be legally authorized to offer services. Review the certification and licensing documents to ensure they are genuine.

2. What Are the Current HVAC Trends and Latest Technologies?

Any professional HVAC contractor who has the client’s needs at heart will know of the latest technologies and trends. A contractor who keeps track of the latest industry developments will always know the newest technologies and trends. You will get the best solutions to your problems.

Such contractors will know everything about the most advanced controls and thermostats, ductless systems, zoned systems and more. They will also know the high-efficiency HVAC systems, variable speed compressors, multi-speed blowers and modulating furnaces.

3. How Long Have You Been in the Industry?

One example of a good fit for handling HVAC installation and repair projects is experience. A contractor with an excellent track record in high-quality services will always be the perfect choice for you. Contractors that have served in the industry long enough will know of the industry challenges.

Experienced contractors have completed thousands of projects. Therefore, they will perform the job to perfection and save you time because they will get it done quickly.

4. Do You Provide Maintenance Services?

Most highly revered HVAC contractors offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your system working efficiently. Different contractors offer different maintenance packages and plans, which suit the needs of different clients. It’s recommended that you ask your preferred contractor if they offer maintenance services and that you make sure you’re comfortable with the plans that this contractor will put in place.

Find out if your contractor offers yearly or quarterly HVAC maintenance plans and services. Quarterly maintenance plans are more costly because the contractor will have to visit your home multiple times a year. Yearly plans are a bit more affordable, but since the contractor will only check and fine-tune your HVAC system once per year, your system may develop issues before the next visit.

5. How Much Will You Charge Me for the Service?

You want to agree with the contractor beforehand regarding pricing. Getting the contractor to start the HVAC installation or maintenance project before you decide on pricing is not recommended because the contractor may end up charging you more than you expect.

Therefore, before the HVAC contractor gets to work on your project, have them give you pricing details and any other information that you want to know regarding service costs. Some clients will charge you for the whole project, while others will charge you for every single task completed. For instance, if you want to install a ductless system and still get your HVAC system checked, the contractor may charge for the whole project or charge for each project separately.

The trick to getting quality HVAC services when you hire a contractor is to employ one who has the experience and qualifications. Contact Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today for HVAC maintenance services.

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