Heater Maintenance Services for El Paso and Surrounding Areas

With high-quality heater maintenance services from Scott Heating & Cooling, you can make sure your home is warm and comfortable when the cold hits El Paso. Although we only use them for a handful of months throughout the year, heaters are vital in the Sun City. With our weather blowing dust and debris around your heater sitting idle makes it prone to build up these unwanted materials. 

Heaters are used so seldomly that many homeowners may completely forget that if they haven’t been checked or maintained in quite some time. To keep those worries of your heater going out on our coldest days at bay, schedule annual heater maintenance and stay warm!  

Heater Maintenance in a home

Schedule Regular Heater Maintenance from Scott!

A good way to avoid the need for repairs is to perform routine heater maintenance on your system. Our professionals can go out and perform regular maintenance for you. We even offer maintenance service plans so you don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment every single time you need to get maintenance performed on your heater. 

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is proven to control costs and potential issues. Unattended equipment and unchanged filters can decrease the life of your system and ultimately lead to complete system failure. 

HVAC systems in residential homes and commercial buildings are accountable for more than 40 percent of total energy use. Calling a technician to conduct maintenance on your HVAC system will keep your system running at peak efficiency and will lead to automatic savings. You can depend on Scott Heating & Cooling to provide the highest level of quality in all types of heating repair and maintenance work.

The Scott Family Plan For Heater Maintenance

HVAC systems have a way of breaking down over time no matter how much they’ve been used or not. It can happen on the coldest day of winter or during a scorching summer heatwave. Without frequent HVAC maintenance, the day you need your system the most is the day it may go out. 

With the Scott Family Plan, our technicians visit your home twice a year to perform heating and air conditioner maintenance, once in the fall and again in the spring. This helps ensure that your HVAC system will get you through El Paso’s hot summers and chilly winters. 

We price the Scott Family Plan conveniently running at $150 per year or $12.50 a month. Our semi-annual performance inspection includes: 

  • Twice yearly (spring and fall) 
  • 40-point system analysis
  • Safety inspection and tune-up 
  • A thorough analysis of motors and electrical/refrigerant systems 
  • Thermostat check-up 
  • Air filters and ductwork evaluated 
  • Safety components inspected 
  • Controls tested to verify operational condition 

 This is all done to ensure optimal performance and comfort and functionality all year long.


The Benefits Of Choosing The Scott Family Plan

When you choose The Scott Family Plan, the benefits are endless. You’ll get performance inspections that can help lower your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, reduce or eliminate the need for costly and unexpected repairs and also increase the performance of your AC and heating systems. 

When you sign up for our maintenance plan, you will receive: 

  • 10% discount on any HVAC repair 
  • Priority service, and scheduling 
  • $50 off a new HVAC unit for each consecutive year you maintain a plan 
  • Money-back guarantee


Call Us Today For All Of Your Heater Maintenance Needs!

Don’t let your heater’s maintenance fall by the wayside. Get it inspected today! With the sudden changes in our weather conditions, we know it can be chilly in the morning and night but warm during the day. Our winters range greatly in temperature so it’s better to be prepared than scrambling to get some heat in your home. We offer service for all residential and commercial clients to ensure our city of El Paso is well taken care of all year. Call us today for scheduling any of our HVAC services! 

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