Blown In Insulation in attic

4 Benefits of Blown Insulation in Horizon City, Texas

December 10, 2020

While your heating system works to keep your home warm this fall and winter, why not give it a helping hand and add some insulation for added warmth? There are a few types of insulation, but blown insulation is among the popular types. Here are four benefits of blown insulation for your Horizon City, TX, home.

What’s Blown Insulation?

Blown insulation is a substance, typically made of either cellulose and fiberglass, that can be blown into spaces inside your walls with air gaps instead of insulation. Technicians spray blown insulation foam into a small hole in a closed wall without removing existing drywall. Blown insulation in the spray form is unlikely to settle due to gravity.

1. Energy Savings

While your heating system does the work of providing heating for your home, your insulation is what helps keep the heat in the home longer. This helps you use less energy, making it so you save on heating and cooling costs.

2. Fire Resistant

Blown insulation is more resistant to fires and mod. Rock wool, also known as mineral wool, has excellent fire resistance and is often used in walls that connect a house to a garage, a room over a garage or a floor under the garage.

3. It’s Recycled

While blown insulation is sometimes composed of rock wool, it can also be made from cellulose or fiberglass. Cellulose comes from shredded and recycled newspapers, while recycled glass goes into the creation of fiberglass. As for fire resistance, manufacturers treat cellulose with chemicals to resist fires, while fiberglass is difficult to ignite because it’s glass fiber.

4. Dampens Sound and Noise

Sometimes, you don’t want to hear every noise and sound from other points in the house. Blown insulation prevents noise from traveling throughout the home. This makes it so a person working at home can concentrate on their tasks without worrying about noise traveling from other rooms in the home.

If you want to change or add insulation to your home, then it’s time to consider blown insulation. Contact Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today to ask more about our residential blown-in insulation services.

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