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5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Indoor Air Quality in Sunland Park, NM

October 11, 2021

The indoor air quality in your home isn’t based solely on your HVAC system. Some bad habits can cause poor IAQ in your Sunland Park, NM, home. Here are habits to watch out for because they can worsen your air quality.

1. Smoking Indoors

People may smoke inside their homes because it’s raining or it’s too hot outside. Besides hurting your family members via second-hand smoking, you also cause poor indoor air quality as the smoke settles on surfaces and eventually circulates indoors. Improve your indoor air quality by avoiding indoor smoking.

2. Forgetting to Change Air Filters

The HVAC system circulates air in your home through air filters, which collect dust, pet dander and other dirt particles. Forgetting to clean or change your air filters regularly can make the HVAC system inefficient. Avoid this costly habit by changing your air filters every three months or monthly if you have pets.

3. Failure to Clean Your Home Often

Failure to clean and vacuum your home often causes a buildup of air contaminants that cause poor air quality. The accumulation of these indoor air pollutants causes allergic reactions like coughing, sneezing and frequent headaches. Regular cleaning removes the excess dirt, pet hair and other debris from your indoor air.

4. Using Harsh Cleaning Products

Some commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can worsen your indoor air quality. The volatile organic compounds in cleaning products can be hazardous to your health because they negatively affect your health. Consider using natural products to clean your home and avoid contaminating indoor air quality.

5. Failure to Take Care of Pets

Pets release hair and skin that eventually build up to worsen your IAQ. Failure to regularly brush and bathe your pets causes allergic reactions. Consider brushing or bathing your pets away from your furniture, carpet and bed to prevent hair and dander accumulation.

These are some of the bad habits that are causing poor IAQ in your home. Improve your IAQ by stopping these habits. Contact Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to learn more about IAQ.

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