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Best Ways to Improve Your Refrigerated Air Conditioner Efficiency

July 29, 2022

The fact remains that an air conditioner is an irreplaceable home appliance in El Paso. Its health benefits are undeniable as it substantially reduces the humidity in your home. Refrigerated air is literally a life saver; it prevents dehydration, and molds, helps you sleep better, and also protects your furniture. 

Despite these great qualities, your air conditioner can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. In fact, according to energy reports, air conditioning bills can take up half of your general utilities. The good news is there are ways to improve the efficiency of your refrigerated air conditioner and minimize your expenses. This is how to get refrigerated air in El Paso:

Efficiency Through Retrofitting 

In the literal sense, retrofitting means modifying a piece of older equipment with modern features, making it adaptable for current use. Retrofitting becomes an option for an air conditioner if your air conditioning system is getting old and you cannot afford to invest in a new system, or you want to achieve optimal performance with your old system. These upgrades will improve your comfort and save your utilities. 

Seal And Insulate Any Air Leak

Another way to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and prevent heat gain is by sealing and insulating exposed ducts. Leaks are the bane of your house and your air conditioning system, particularly in areas such as the attic, which are not easily detectable. Before insulation is done, you should first air seal your home.

Even though visual leaks can be fixed with specialized sealing tape, it is important to get professional help while insulating. 

Do Not Use Ovens, Dryers, Heaters, And Incandescent Bulbs During Hot Hours

Appliances like ovens, microwaves, and incandescent bulbs are heat producers, and they can draw warm air into your home during their use. Incandescent bulbs are known for converting over 90% of their electricity into heat, so imagine how hot it gets when all your bulbs are on. Therefore, it is advisable not to use them during the hot afternoon hours as they will increase warmth and make the air in your home damp and clammy, causing your air conditioning to work harder to restore cooler air. 

Keep The Outdoor Ducts Clean And Clear

The outdoor filters and ducts, depending on their position, will most likely gather debris. Hence, frequent maintenance of the air conditioning ducts should be a routine before damage is done. Filthy ducts equal poor airflows, and this affects the efficiency of the conditioner. When the ducts are not clean, the poor airflow can damage your conditioning coil and compressor and increase your expenses. 

Aside from this, do not turn your outdoor vents into a holder for different items; this could limit airflow and put pressure on the duct system affecting the efficiency of your air conditioner. 

Get An Adjustable Thermostat 

A thermostat is a primary way of determining the temperature of your home. Adjusting it to fit the present weather is another way of improving the efficiency of your air conditioner. When you use a programmable or smart thermostat, it automatically adjusts the temperature of your house to fit the current weather. 

Keep Your Windows Covered 

Your Air conditioner works more effectively when the doors and windows are closed. Hence, your curtains or blinds must be pulled down to block out the rays of the sun and the hot heat of the day. This tip is extremely effective and beneficial because when your curtains are covered, the cold air does not go out, and the hot air stays out. 

So when you leave for work or go out, pull down your blinds or windows; this way, your home stays cool all day. During the evening you can open them to enjoy the sunsets. 

Preventive Maintenance

Understanding that your AC is an appliance that requires servicing to be effective is very paramount. This will encourage you to schedule regular preventative maintenance by professionals. If a professional comes to check out your conditioner once or twice in a quarter, it will help you stay on your toes and quickly discover faults in the system. 

Keep Your Drains Clean 

When you do not commit to regular AC drain maintenance, you could end up with an AC clogged with bacteria, molds, and other sludges. A clogged drain will affect the efficiency of your air conditioner. 

It is advisable to use chemicals like vinegar or chlorine bleach to clean your drains periodically. To maintain, pour a quarter to a cup of vinegar or chlorine bleach down the AC drain and rinse it with water. 

HVAC Professionals In El Paso

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