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3 Causes of Your Home’s Poor Airflow in Anthony, TX

January 3, 2022

Poor airflow is a common problem in many homes in Anthony, TX. It can lead to inefficiency of your HVAC system and increased energy consumption. Here are the top three causes of your home’s poor airflow.

1. Obstructed Vents

The most common cause of poor airflow in homes are obstructions in front of registers and vents in your home HVAC system. For a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to operate optimally, nothing should be in front of its air supply vents. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the vents are clear of any furniture and other obstructions.

2. Faulty or Clogged Filters

Filters remove unwanted particles from the air before they circulate in the house. If you have clogged filters, the particles will circulate inside your rooms, causing poor airflow. Poor airflow will then lead to poor indoor air quality.

Some particles that may accumulate on filters include dust, dander and pollen. To avoid this from happening, it’s essential to inspect and replace your filters on a regular basis. Hire a professional HVAC repair and maintenance company to evaluate your HVAC system annually.

3. Faulty Ductwork

Air enters your home from your heating and air conditioning system through the ductwork. When the ductwork has leaks or separations, it won’t do its job properly. This often leads to inefficient heating and cooling of your house, hence high energy consumption.

Poorly designed or damaged ductwork will result in reduced airflow in the home. Check your ductwork for damages or accumulation of dirt that was not picked up by the filter. Contact an expert immediately to clean and repair the ducts to ensure high-quality indoor air.

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