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From the Wild West to Today, The History of the Air Conditioner

April 4, 2020

More often than not, El Paso is a very hot and dry city. Thankfully, most places have cool, comfortable air conditioning that can shelter us from the dry desert climate. Your home and workplace, for example, are always comfortable thanks to air conditioners that run and work effectively. But do you ever stop to wonder about how people in the olden days kept their cool? Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has helped El Paso stay cool since 1994, but the history of air conditioning begins many, many years before we ever opened our doors.

Where Air Conditioning Began
El Paso and the Southwest are synonymous with the Wild West, an era that took over Texas around 1845 and followed through until circa 1920. When you hear the words “The Wild West” or the “Frontier,” images of cowboys, Wyatt Earp, towns with saloons and gunfights may crop up in your mind. If you think El Paso gets hot nowadays, just image how unbearable the heat was back then! In those days, there was no air conditioners to keep people cool during the hot days of summer. But the people of that era made do with what they had available.

Mexicans and Native Americans taught Americans that standing in open walkways was a great way to cool down since cool air would travel through the walkways and refresh those who stood there. More often than not, people simply drank cool drinks in order to stay cool and refreshed. They also wore light colored clothing made out of breathable cotton. In many cases, people would sleep outside so they could take advantage of the cool desert night breeze. We’ve sure come a long way since the Wild West days!

When the 20th century rolled around, the United States faced many new and exciting changes. In 1908, the first Ford Model-T was completed. In 1903, the first airplane took flight. And in 1902, the very first air conditioner was invented (in Buffalo, New York, of all places). It’s no surprise that from that moment on, many homes and business took advantage of the newfound coolness air conditioners had to offer.

We’ll Help You Keep Your Cool
Today, over a hundred years after the first air conditioner first blew cool air into a small Buffalo, NY apartment, the world of air conditioning is as alive and thriving as ever. If your broken or faulty air conditioner is challenging you to a shoot out, hold on! Call Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, and we’ll come by and diffuse the situation swiftly and effectively. You’ll be feeling that cool breeze in no time!

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