How to Choose the Right Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

May 15, 2020

Storage water heaters take a lot of space and waste a lot of energy. When your Sunland Park, New Mexico, home needs a new water heater, consider a tankless one. Here are three tips for choosing the right tankless water heater for your family’s needs.

Fuel Source

The primary fuel sources for tankless or demand water heaters are natural gas and electricity. The natural gas water heaters may also be compatible with propane. Consider the availability and cost of the fuel for the water heater. Natural gas and propane tend to have more variable rates compared to electricity. Solar power may be another option for powering an electric tankless water heater.


Another consideration is your household’s size. According to the Department of Energy, a typical flow rate for a demand water heater is two to five gallons per minute. If your household is four people or smaller and uses less than 50 gallons of hot water per day, this is usually adequate. If you have a larger household or use a lot of hot water, you could install two tankless water heaters to work in parallel. Another option is to install one of the water heaters just for appliances, such as for your washing machine or dishwasher.

Energy Efficiency

Water heaters with no storage tank are overall more energy-efficient than those that do have a storage tank. However, there is a range of energy efficiency. Look for a unit that offers an intermittent ignition device instead of a standing pilot light. An intermittent ignition device works like a spark ignition on your kitchen stove. This could boost the water heater’s energy efficiency by as much as 10 percent. If you do choose one with a standing pilot light, you could turn it off when you don’t need hot water.

For more information about how a tankless water heater could benefit your home, check out Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s electric tankless water heater installation services, or call us for more info.

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