Commercial Hvac Maintenance

Keep Your Eye on These Commercial HVAC Issues in San Elizario, TX

January 14, 2021

Commercial HVAC systems aren’t perfect and will eventually start to exhibit some issues. When that time arises, you need to make sure you can solve these issues swiftly or else it could end up permanently damaging your system. If you’re in San Elizario, TX, here are a handful of common commercial HVAC issues to keep your eye on.

Increasing Utility Bills

Commercial HVAC systems take up a decent amount of energy, but when your energy bills begin to increase exponentially, you could have an internal issue with the system. Things that may cause a system’s utility bills to rise could be a dirty air filter, faulty installation, dirty coils or leaks.

Irregular Noises

If your system begins to make strange noises such as buzzing, screeching, hissing or rattling, something is wrong with your system. A buzzing noise could mean there’s a loose wire or a malfunctioning fan motor. A rattling or banging noise could mean that a motor mount has come loose.

If your system is making a bubbling or hissing noise, your refrigerant could be leaking. If this is the case, not only will it drive your energy bills up, but it could also be hazardous to the people inside the building. They could develop refrigerant poisoning.

Poor Air Quality

A malfunctioning HVAC system could cause poor air quality inside your building. If the air filters aren’t regularly changed, this will cause pollutants and allergens to contaminate the air quality in your business and can negatively affect the health of the people inside the building.

There’s a variety of issues that can develop over time in any commercial HVAC system. To ensure your system is running efficiently at all times, contact Scott Heating Cooling & Plumbing Services for commercial HVAC maintenance. Our technicians will visit your business at least once a year to inspect, clean and calibrate your system.

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